3.5 Build 40[edit | edit source]

(No, this is not 4.0, it's just build 40.)

This is a small update, with only a few minor bugfixes. The main feature is compatibility with the new iOS version.

  • Fixed most formatted numbers being missing from Spanish translation
  • Fixed wave timer being extremely slow at high TPS with multithreading enabled
  • Fixed scrolling on player menu causing the whole screen to pan (Mobile)
  • Fixed application storing data in wrong directory (Mac)
  • Updated Polish translation
  • Updated Russian translation with new text (Thanks to @Prosta4okua)

3.5 Build 39[edit | edit source]

This release addresses some serious recently-discovered issues with multiplayer and controllers. Looks like Build 38 won't be the last release before 4.0 after all.

  • Fixed bug where some devices would instantly disconnect upon connecting to a server with high enemy count
  • Fixed bug where players at low FPS would violently jump around the screen in multiplayer
  • Fixed bug where wave would start before the right stage in tutorial
  • Fixed bug where liquid junctions randomly stopped working, causing desyncs in multiplayer
  • Fixed text not wrapping in menu/level select with specific languages
  • Fixed minor visual bug with placement preview
  • Fixed player not being able to aim with a controller (Desktop)
  • Fixed server crashing due to missing version file (Server)
  • Updated translation files for many languages
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added new Spanish translation
  • Added button to toggle in-game menus ('C' by default) (Desktop)

3.5 Build 38[edit | edit source]

This will be the last release until 4.0!

  • Fixed crash caused by tesla orbs while multithreading
  • Fixed autosaves not updating display time or other information in save menu
  • Fixed junctions clogging when backwards input is recieved
  • Fixed crash with 'bans' command (Server)
  • Fixed UUIDs being non-unique for certain players (Desktop)
  • Fixed not being able to pan with an invalid recipe selected (Android)
  • Fixed sliders being unusable in scroll panes
  • Fixed shoot-kick system being too trigger happy (Server)
  • Made save system load backups when files are found to be corrupted (Some corrupted saves might be usable now)
  • Added infinite build reach in sandbox (Desktop)
  • Added 'griefer' command to see probably griefers (Server)
  • Added option to pass and run comma-separated commands when launching (Server)
  • Added placement preview (Thanks to @Commodore64x, @Sonnicon, @TheChosenEvilOne)
  • Changed titan/chain turret sprites to be more colorful

3.5 Build 37[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed tunnel conveyors accepting items from any direction
  • Fixed tunnel conveyors making items disappear
  • Added buffer display bar to tunnels
  • Removed nothing

3.5 Build 36[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a few multithreading crashes
  • Fixed bug where swiping behind UI would sometimes place blocks (Android)
  • Fixed server crash with web clients
  • Fixed some problems with random kicking on servers
  • Changed file browser to sort files without considering case
  • Fixed random deaths on block collisions (Desktop)
  • Made chat scrollable (Desktop) (Thanks to @iczero )
  • Added absolutely nothing else

3.5 Build 35[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed occasional crash when placing teleporters while paused
  • Fixed some bugs with placing under UI (Android)
  • Fixed area delete glitching out when a block is selected with insufficient resources (Android)
  • Fixed sometimes placing two blocks where only one should be placed (Desktop)
  • Fixed 'port in use' error on gameovers (Server)
  • Added new cursor styles (Desktop)
  • Added additional persistent information about players by ID (Server)
  • Added information text for hosting and joining games
  • Added a 30-second cooldown for players after being kicked
  • Added a list of relevant links in the information dialog
  • Added ukranian language
  • Added info button for gamemodes (thanks to @rangzen)
  • Added chat history (Desktop, thanks to @iczero )
  • New main menu background and layout
  • Internal changes to help prevent hacking
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