Mindustry Wiki

Item data

  • v3.5 progress: 63%
  • v4.0 progress: 0%
    • Still in progress


A simplified info popup by hovering or tapping on link.

  • Progress: 100%
    • Need admin privilege to tweak some code to make this feature works.
  • Subprogress: 0%
    • View the item in tooltip horizontally rather than vertically.

Dynamic Page List (DPL)

  • Progress: 100%
    • Request to WIkia Community to install DPL in this wiki: DONE!
    • use tag <DPL></DPL> to auto list all pages within appropriate category. See the usage example at Steel#Purchasing.
  • Sub progress: 100%
    • implement image into DPL.
  • Sub progress: 100%