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The Toxopid is a Tier 5 unit obtained by upgrading an Arkyid through the Tetrative Reconstructor. Instead of a sapping laser, the Toxopid shoots out two Fuse-like purple projectiles out of its forward weapons, while the electric ball launcher previously on the Arkyid becomes more pronounced, splitting in a wider area. It can walk over water, blocks and 3-block-wide terrain like its predecessors.


The Toxopid is a massive unit with 8 double-segmented legs. Its head resembles one of a scorpion, with the electric ball cannon resembling its tail. It fires its Fuse projectiles out of its mouth.


Weapon Shots/sec Damage Inaccuracy Knockback Healing Properties
2x 2 110 0 degrees 0 None Piercing Laser
0.2 50

75 area damage - 11.2 tiles

0 degrees 0.8 None Sapping - Does not restore health or pull, only inflicts status effect


Frag - Splits into ten smaller balls




The Toxopid is a very difficult enemy to stall due to its ability to walk over walls, its colossal health pool and its deadly weapons. The electric balls are guaranteed to cause colossal damage to turrets, evading any walls. Use Segments under overdrive to help rid the projectiles and Tsunami with Water and Cryofluid to push it away from your valuable turrets. Massive, concentrated firepower is needed to defeat the Toxopid, which can be obtained by spamming Foreshadows, using Surge Alloy ammo with water Tsunamis for extra damage or with boosted Thorium Fuses and Spectres. Coolants and the Overdrive Dome are also extremely useful. Don't forget to build up Antumbras to chase the Toxopid down in case it bypasses, as by that point it should be weakened and its pitiful anti-air leaves your ships to a free victim.


The Toxopid functions as a massive melee unit and as such appreciates any support from carrier units. The Quad can carry one of them in its storage, allowing you to drop it straight into vulnerable positions and obliterate turrets. Producing just a few of them guarantees victory in an area. However, the Foreshadow is guaranteed to ruin any chances of a successful breach, meaning that support units such as the Oct for distraction will be needed.

Toxopids are also fantastic against units, as they can win against any ground unit with ease. Use them with a carrier to track down enemy armies and decimate them.


  • The entire Crawler line is referred to as spiders but Toxopid is the only member that actually has 8 legs. Even then, its chassis and cannons are in the shape of a scorpion.
  • The Toxopid is the only Tier 5 unit that can be carried by the Quad, presumably because the chassis is less than 9 blocks squared in area.