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Titanium Titanium
Used in liquid transportation structures, drills and factories.
Explosiveness: 0%
Flammability: 0%
Radioactivity: 0%
Charge: 0%
Naturally Occurring: Yes
Build Cost: 100%
Hardness 3

Titanium is the third primary resource you collect in the game using Titanium Drill.


Titanium patch.png

Titanium can be mined from Titanium ore tiles. Which maps they are on? Stained Mountains and Maze.

How to get titanium?[]

Titanium can be collected using a Titanium Drill, an Omnidrill, or can be made using a Titanium Extractor or from a Separator.


Requires Iron.png 6 Iron with a lot of Water to output Titanium.png Titanium using Titanium Extractor.


Titanium is used to purchase the following items:

  • Pulse Conduit Pulse Conduit (

    Pulse Conduit
    Pulse Conduit
    Advanced liquid transport block. Transports liquids faster and store more than standard Template loop detected: Template:Iis.

    Health: 65
    Build cost:Steel.png 1 Steel
    Titanium.png 1 Titanium
    Liquid capacity: 16.0
  • Template:Item data RTG Generator/Old [[RTG Generator/Old|Template:Item data RTG Generator/Old]] (Template:Item data RTG Generator/Old)
  • Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Reactor (

    Nuclear Reactor
    Nuclear Reactor
    An advanced version of Template loop detected: Template:Ii, and the ultimate power generator. Generate power from Uranium.png Uranium. Requires constant water cooling. Highly volatile; will explode violently if insufficient amounts of coolant are supplied.

    Health: 600
    Build cost:Iron.png 50 Iron
    Titanium.png 40 Titaniums
    Dirium.png 40 Diriums
    Liquid capacity: 50
    Power capacity : 80.0
    Laser tile range: 6
    Max power transfer/second: 30.00
    Power generation/second: 27.00
    Input: Uranium.png Uranium
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