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This template contains various independently retrievable data items about Titanium Drill in the form of parameter values of a variable template of choice, in a standardized fashion.

Titanium Drill

Template:Titanium Drill


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    • Category:Drills


Parameter Value Description
1 Titanium Drill Necessary: Used for identification (Name of item).
disp_name Name of the item
Only necessary if the value differs from Titanium Drill.
image Image of the item
Only necessary if the value differs from Titanium Drill or {{{disp_name}}}. Put only the image name without the image format. And make sure the image in in "png" format
Traits of the item
caption An advanced drill. When placed on titanium ore tiles, outputs titanium at a slow pace indefinitely. Official caption Only if available!
id {{{id}}} Itemcode Number in inventory list.
Uses to display picture (as I named Item's picture ID_-_NAME_OF_ITEM)
Only if available!
set Name of second category Only if the item is part of a set! Left blank if not part of set.
type Drills Valid values: Turrets, Drills, Transports, Powers, Defenses, Craftings.

Uses to categorise items, so it's important to put same name (case sensitive).

General Information
health 40 value indicator of health of the items
size 1x1 Size of the block or item
Build cost
buildcostcopper Build cost using Copper.png Copper
buildcoststone Build cost using Stone.png Stone
buildcostiron 50 Build cost using Iron.png Iron
buildcoststeel 50 Build cost using Steel.png Steel
buildcosttitanium Build cost using Titanium.png Titanium
buildcostdirium Build cost using Dirium.png Dirium
Extra block info
ammo Used in Turrets only
ammocapacity Max value of ammo can be store
ammoitem Values of used per 1 shot of ammo
range How far a shot can reach Also used by Repair Turret
inaccuracy Value of inaccuracy while shooting an enemy
damageshot Damage can be done on enemy per shot of ammo
shotssec Value of shots per seconds
shots Max barrel(s) of a turret
capacity 5 Max values of item/resources can be store
secitem 7.0 How many seconds the drill takes to mine one item
drillcopper Can this drill drills ?
drillsand Can this drill drills ?
drilldarksand Can this drill drills ?
drilllead Can this drill drills ?
drillscrap Can this drill drills ?
drillcoal Can this drill drills ?
Booster Enhancement for drills
water/sec How much water per second?
slag/sec How much slag per second?
cyanogen/sec How much cyanogen per second?
oil/sec How much oil per second?
cyrofluid/sec How much cyrofluid per second?
arkycite/sec How much arkycite per second?
ozone/sec How much ozone per second?
hydrogen/sec How much hydrogen per second?
nitrogen/sec How much nitrogen per second?
boostereff Boost Effect
Pumps and Liquid Transports
liquidcapres Max values of liquid resources can be store
liquidsecres How many seconds the pump takes to pump the liquid
itemspeedsec Max value of speed/seconds of the item takes to move
poweritem Max power needed to transport an item Teleporter only
powercap Max power can be store before use Anything used power to activate using this parameter
lasertilerange Laser tile range
maxpowtranssec Max power transfer per second
alert Any alert to use this block, Maybe can be explodes in certain situation
itemcap Item capacity can be store inside the power block
powergensec Power generates per second
gensecsitem Generate seconds per item
liquidcappower Max liquid capacity can be store before use
powerliquid Power per liquid
maxliquidsec Max liquid per second
input Item pr liquid input for creating product or power
powersec Power used per second For Shield Generator and Shielded Wall only
powerdraindamage Power drained per damage taken
shieldradius Shield radius
powershot Power used per shot
repairedsec Repaired percentage per second
Crafting input for item included here. So use the one provided to avoid same redundant function of parameters
inputliquid Input for liquid
maxitemsec Max input liquid per second
fuel Fuel used to specific smelting
output Output produced after smelting
fuelduration Max second(s) per fuel before fully burnt out
maxoutputsec Max output produces per second
inputcap Input capacity
outputcap Output capacity
pc It this v3.5 PC version? yes if true, leave it blank if not.

All item data templates use the same parameter.

Retrieval of data items

{{Item data Titanium Drill|Tooltip/Item/Data|as_base}}, using parameter selection template Template:Tooltip/Item/Data, gives the parameter as_base, etc.

For retrieval of more data items it is more efficient to prepare a template for that, to be used as follows:

{{Item data Titanium Drill|template name|..|..|..|..}}

So that this data template needs to be called only once.(See the first two rows of the first table in m:Help:Array#Summary of counts for template limits.) The default template is Template:Item data, producing this page.

The four parameters are optional, they are passed on to the prepared template as parameters 2-5.

A parameter being undefined or empty typically means the same, see below. {{data ..|pst2|..}} gives the empty string and the text "{{{..}}}", respectively. Therefore, an application checking the parameter has to check both. Checking whether a result is equal to e.g. the text "{{{popinc}}}" cannot be done directly with #ifeq in a template which itself has also a parameter with that name, because if that is defined, there would be a comparison with the value instead of the text itself. Instead, it can be checked whether the first character of the result is "{", e.g.: {{#ifeq:{{padleft:|1|{{data {{{continent}}}|pst2|popinc}}}}|{|..|..}}. Until here the documentation is automatically generated by Template:Item_data.