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The Quad is a Tier 4 unit obtained by upgrading the Mega through the Exponential Reconstructor. It functions as a hybrid between a healer, a carrier and a bomber, dropping damaging green pulses onto the ground which restores the health of friendly structures. It also has a greater carrying capacity of 9 blocks squared, which is significant as it can carry Thorium Reactors, Liquid Tanks, and Vaults.

Quads can be upgraded into the Tier 5 Oct by directly outputting it into a Tetrative Reconstructor.


Weapon Shots/sec Damage Inaccuracy Knockback Healing Properties
1 230 area damage - 15 tiles 0 degrees 0 15% Does not hit air units


Build 125

Splash diameter of bombs reduced from 15 tiles to 10.

Damage reduced from 230 to 220.

True range now given as 17 blocks. Bomb projectiles still have a diameter of 10 but Quads detect with a range of 17.




Unlike the Antumbra, the Quad is not afraid to enter into your conveyor line and obliterate it with one bomb. Concentrate firepower into these units before they cause too much damage. Force Projectors stop these bombs from damaging structures by absorbing them into the shield, but will not last long. Spectres are an efficient defence against Quads due to their ease of use and high DPS. The explosion damage caused by the Quad's death will destroy a huge portion of your defence ignorant of forcefields, so use Poly to automatically repair the damage.

In PvP with teams, Quads are fast, powerful and regenerating (it can construct Repair Points). Try to obtain Plastanium and Phase Fabric early, to get Quads first and to build lots of Cyclones as a counter (Most PvP maps have increased block damage, meaning that Plastanium Cyclones can deal massive damage).


Quads can carry thorium reactors overheating in them and drop them into positions that make the reactor explode and take out lots of buildings. The Quad will have to be sacrificed in the process due to the explosion's high damage. With its regular bombs, they are fast, deal massive damage and can take out low-level anti-air such as Scatter. However, anything stronger leaves the Quad crippled.

Quads are also able to carry Toxopid, which can cause an instant win when dropped onto the enemy core. However, considering access to Tier 5 units is available, Oct is potentially the better choice due to increased survivability. Remember that when a carrier unit dies, the payload vanishes with it - Drop the Toxopids immediately when at low health or near the target.

Additionally, Quad can carry a Vault full of Blast Compound or a Liquid Tank full of Oil. When dropped and then destroyed, the explosion is smaller than a Thorium Reactor but can insta-kill anything that was close to the explosive when it explodes.


  • The Quad functions like an upgraded Trident Mech (discontinued unit) in that both can build and drop repair bombs, but the Quad is far larger and more expensive.
  • Quads are the fastest Tier 4 unit and the only Tier 4 unit with a speed stat that exceeds 1.
  • Quads are named after the Latin prefix quad-, meaning four.