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The Final Target.

This coastal base contains a structure capable of launching cores to local planets. It is extremely well guarded.

Produce naval units. Eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible. Research the launch structure.

Planetary Launch Terminal is the final significant sector in Mindustry, which unlocks the Interplanetary Accelerator that marks the completion of the Campaign. It is an attack map and the only tech tree map with the highest threat level of eradication. Access to this sector requires the completion of Desolate Rift, Extraction Outpost, Nuclear Production Complex, Overgrowth and Salt Flats, as well as researching the Bryde, Spectre, Launch Pad, Mass Driver, Impact Reactor and Exponential Reconstructor.

Resources: Copper, Lead, Coal, Sand, Titanium, Thorium, Water. Magma tiles also present.

First Guardian: Toxopid, Wave 25


  • It is recommended, but not required to use high-tier naval units for this base. Recommended ground units are the Arkyid, as they can make short work of the core and walk over light defenses, without investing into Tier 5 units.
  • When on the attack, you should have a group of Sei and a few Omura for sniping.
  • At this point, you should be mostly reliant on your core for resources. Make a core schematic that has in-built units and RTG Generator power.
  • Build coastal defenses such as a set of ripples on an outer island to take down the constant Rissos and Minkes that spawn out of enemy factories.
  • If you feel like you cannot beat the base before the Toxopid spawns, you should have Antumbras ready before then. Any ground unit that you try to use will most likely be stomped on by the guardian, and the guardian has pitiful anti-air. You can also self-destruct your core when you know you're going to be overwhelmed and your expensive units haven't been made yet so you don't lose your critical infrastructure such as your Exponential Reconstructor.
  • Due to the significant space here, you can use this sector as a production capital to help you with the bases threatening Impact 0078 and Nuclear Production Complex. Quickly knock down the two bases next to this sector.
  • When attacking on ground or in air, try to direct your units to the Vaults attached to the enemy core. They can and will explode when destroyed, with the power of a Blast Compound explosion, which is guaranteed to destroy the core.