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This article is for the PC version of Mindustry only!

The six weapons for your mech within Mindustry (as of Build 34 of the 3.4 release). Note that this is not the In-Game UI.

In Mindustry your playable character is a mecha (or mech), your mecha is what you use to move around the environment and to help defeat the waves of enemies. Your mecha only has a certain amount of health and can be destroyed, and as of 3.0 beta 2, your mecha now has a sprint feature (Note: your mecha is faster than most enemies with sprint). the mecha has six different weapons available as of 3.3b7.


The six weapons in the game (as of 3.3b7) are:

The Blaster

Mech after shooting the old Blaster, notice the red health bar

The Triblaster

The Clustergun

The Vulcan

The Shockgun

And the Beam cannon