Mindustry Wiki

These blocks add ways to obtain materials that either could not be obtained in any other manner, or adding more ways to obtain other materials.


Converts iron into steel using coal as fuel. The ratio for the conversion is 5 coal : 12 iron. This would result into 12 pieces of steel. Supply the smelter accordingly to prevent clogging of resources.

Lava smelter[]

Converts iron and lava into steel at 2/3 of the speed of the regular smelter


Coverts steel and titanium into dirium using coal as fuel.extractors.

Coal Extractor[]

Turns 5 stone into 1 coal when also given a water input.

Titanium Extractor[]

Turns 6 iron into 1 titanium when also given a water input.

Oil Refinery[]

Turns oil into coal.