Mindustry Wiki

What is an extractor?[]


Extractors are used to convert 1 or more ore/liquid into a different ore.

The first extractor you will use is the smelter, it is the first extractor, and will create steel out of iron and coal.

Extractor examples:[]


The image to the right displays an example of a smelter layout. Coal is sent into the smelter from the bottom and iron from the top, the steel output is on the left of the smelter.


The image on the bottom right displays a titanium extractor on the top left, which is being fed iron and water to create titanium, the titanium then goes down into the crucible to the left of the player. The crucible requires coal to run and is fed steel and titanium to create dirium. Here the steel comes from the right, coal from the left and titanium from the top. It then outputs dirium at the bottom