Defensive Blocks are blocks that used mainly for the protection of the base. The cost and health of each block are listed below. Note: Currently, 1 Large Block(2 x 2) is equal to 4 Block(1 x 1) in cost, health, and size, each as 1 Large Dirium Wall = 4 Dirium Walls, and 1 Large Door = 4 Doors.

Normal Walls Edit

Normal Walls are blocks that can be used for tanking the damage from the enemy and blocking the path. They have high amounts of health compared with other types of blocks. There are currently 8 types of Normal Walls in the game.

Stone Wall 12 Stones 160 / /
Iron Wall 12 Irons 320 / /
Steel Wall 12 Steels 440 48 Steels 1760
Titanium Wall 12 Titaniums 600 48 Titaniums 2400
Dirium Wall 12 Diriums 760 48 Diriums 3040

Special Walls Edit

Special Walls have special abilities. However, there is currently only 1 type of Special Wall, Shielded Wall, which provide 1 x 1 Energy Shield protection. Note: Shielded Wall requires Energy.

POINT OF ADVICE: Shielded walls provide an entire area with shielding. When an enemy attacks the shield, it drains power so if you would like a shield to survive longer, give it a better power supply. Also, whenever enemies enter the shield they can shoot at anything insides. Your turrets can shoot through the shield both ways.

Shielded Wall 16 Titaniums 600

Doors Edit

Doors are blocks that allow the players to toggle open and closed by tapping it. There are currently 2 types of Doors, Door, Large Door.

Door 3 Steels & 12 Irons 360
Large Door 12 Steels & 48 Irons 1440