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SNN95 SNN95 7 September 2018

Admin hiatus (not a bad one)

Around this September 2018 until February 2020, I will be very busy focusing study in digital art. So there will be less update but whenever I have free time, I will continue update. I really need your help to contribute as I have done. I had posted the progress in Mindustry Wiki:Wiki's Roadmap. Just follow it and keep contribute!

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SNN95 SNN95 2 August 2018

Mindustry Wiki's Roadmap

  • v3.5 progress: %
    • Currently, of 63 items or blocks are registered. See Category:Item data templates to know which items or blocks are registered.
  • v4.0 progress: 0%
    • Still in progress

  • Progress: 100%
    • Need admin privilege to tweak some code to make this feature works.
  • Subprogress: 0%
    • View the item in tooltip horizontally rather than vertically.

  • Progress: 100%
    • Request to WIkia Community to install DPL in this wiki: DONE!
    • use tag to auto list all pages within appropriate category. See the usage example at Steel#Purchasing.
  • Sub progress: 100%
    • implement image into DPL.
  • Sub progress: 100%
    • to implement Tooltips.
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