New WIP 4.0 Wiki in progress!

First of all, thanks to all the wonderful contributors to the 3.5 Wiki, you have caused this place to grow more than I ever expected. Of course, this place must grow more, but so does the new 4.0 Wiki.




Q: "How is it different from this wiki?"

A: For starters, it's for the new 4.0 alpha. It is also hosted on a different platform - GitLab Pages -, in a different format.

Q: "Different format?!"

A: Yes, a different format. It uses Markdown as opposed to Wikia. Why? I decided on using Markdown because it is much easier to learn and much, much, much less cluttered and bloated than Wikia. It is also much easier to edit. The system behind it - GitLab - allows for much more straightforward and easy file uploads, and tracks changes automatically. It also allows for reviewing pages before deployment or final publishing, by the sue of branches. Many more are the benefits of Git.

Q: "So what do I need to do?"

A: I highly recommend learning Git through activity and experience, and learning Markdown. They are the core of the documentation. There is also a roadmap/planner on Google Sheets, linked at the top of this post, kinda like the one here.

If you would like further help or instruction, contact me by one of my emails:, or send a DM to Luxray#5474 on Discord, but that might take longer because I seldom visit there anymore.

Again, all this work on this Wiki is outstanding, keep it up, and thank you to all who contributed!